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Veterinary Acupuncture

Dr. Steven Aimi provides veterinary acupuncture.  Acupuncture has many benefits for sick or injured pets, especially those with chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Striped Cat

  • Acupuncture can assist the body's efforts to heal itself.  For example, acupuncture can stimulate nerves, increase blood circulation, relieve muscle spasms, and cause the release of hormones, such as endorphins (one of the body's pain control chemicals) or cortisol (a natural steroid). 
  • Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the body to cause a desired healing effect.  It is a means of helping the body heal itself.  It is not a cure-all, but works well to treat certain ailments.  It can be used alone or in a combination with traditional veterinary medicine.
  • For small animals, the insertion of acupuncture needles is virtually painless and once the needles are in place, there should be no pain.  Most pets relax and even fall asleep during the treatment.
  • Stimulation of an individual acupuncture point may take as little time as 10 seconds or as much as 30 minutes.  A simple acute problem, such as a sprain, may require only one treatment, where a more severe chronic ailment may need several treatments or lifelong management.
  • Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years and is one of the safest forms of medical treatment when it is administered by a properly trained professional.